Saturday, September 22, 2007

"To Be A Successful Reporter"

The quality that I chose was honesty. The reason that reporters have to be honest with the readers is very simple. If journalists should seek the truth from both sides of every story. They should be honest in everything that they write, they should keep promises and be dependable.

If journalists ceased to be honest, then it would be the end of news all together. If people could no longer trust what's being written to be true, then they would no longer even bother to read/watch/etc. any of it. There are many journalists out there today that aren't concerned with maintaining honesty in what they write. Those journalists plagiarise, lie, anything just to get their story on the front page and in the headlines. Those types of journalists give all other journalists bad names and inevitable lose their credibility. Those are the journalist that tend to write for the tabloids and magazines that write not to inform the public but to sell papers and gain viewers at any expense. Those are the journalists that you see on the news that are harassing the family that just lost a brother/sister/parent/etc. in a tragic accident. Those are the journalists that lose their jobs because of lying and making false statements out to be the truth. The journalists that take pride in finding out the whole truth of a story and write nothing but the pure facts are the journalists that win the Pulitzer Prizes and inform people everyday. The journalists that seek to be honest are the ones that make differences in journalism as a whole and give it a good name. Honesty is a vital aspect of journalism and without it the news would cease to be what it is today.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Edina High School

Edina High School is located in Edina, Minnesota. Located in the heart of typical suburbia, a school with high academic achievement and good athletics. Edina High School has the reputation of being inside what some might call a "bubble". Known for our stereotypical ditsy, spoiled, student population, Edina seems at times in a bubble of ignorance and disconnection from a lot of the harsh realities of today. While these preconceived notions and stereotypes do hold true to a small amount of the student body, the rest of the students here at EHS are different from all of that. Most students at EHS are well rounded, academically driven, individuals.