Saturday, October 20, 2007

News Story Idea #2:

1) Edina Girls Tennis- 10/27/07

2) Sports

3) Timeliness: The girls tennis team is going to state, which is this Wednesday-Saturday. By writing a story on the girls and how they did next week, would be perfect timing.

Proximity: This story is extremely close to the student body, the story is written about EHS students.

Conflict: This story involves conflict in that the school as a result is happy for the win. But most importantly, it was the eleventh year in a row that EHS has won state.

4) The story will be about the Edina girl's tennis team and the results of the state tournament (7-0 Edina!). The article could include interviews of various team members and the reactions of the state meet. Whats their reaction to the win? What players did well? Who did not? Etc.

5) Steve Paulsen, Jenny Johnson the athletic director to find out contact information. I will interview the coach to get their point of view of the meet, how did he think it went?

Star Athlete(s), find out from the Steve Paulsen, interview players to find out their perspective for how things went, how they feel about the results. Possible athletes; Megan Gaard or Emily Warner, the winning doubles athletes.

Losing Team's Coach (Mounds View HS) what did they think of Edina's athletes, were they impressed? The coaches are; Mike Cartwright (assis. coaches are- David Weinberg, Holly Arnfelt, Jan Swanson, Gretchen Zahn).

6) I need to decide specifically which athletes and coaches that I will interview.

7) I need to know every side's opinion, if I cannot get a coaches opinion, then I'll get an assistant coaches opinion, etc.

8) Photo opportunities would be at state, which is at the U of M 10:00 am on Wed. and 8:00 am on Fri. Photos would be of the star athletes, once I find out specifically who that is.

9) A photographer would have to be cleared by Jenny Johnson.

10) The biggest problem with this story is time. If the tournament was a week ago now, then we are losing the timeliness of the story which is significant!

11) NONE

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