Saturday, October 20, 2007

News Story Idea #1:

1) WSS-11/01/07

2) Features

3) Timeliness: This story is timely because if the play is going on right now, then by doing a story to get people interested and informed on what's going on now is perfect. By doing this story this week then you can get more people to learn about the play and get people that might not otherwise go, to go.

Proximity: The play is being done by students from our school, in our school, it doesn't really get more closer to the student body than that.

Other Factor: The other news element in this story fits under the umbrella of "other" because this story is reporting on a drama production. It is not really prominence because the story lacks a celebrity, but within our school the play is a prominent event. The story is mainly reporting that a significant production at our school is about to take place. This factor, however, does not fit in with any other specific news element, yet the story is news, so this factor is "other".

4) The story will be about the play being done in Nov., West Side Story, it will include information about the play. The story will include who is playing the lead parts, and possible quotes from them. Also the expectations for the play, is there something that will make this one extra special?

5) Tony Matthes the EHS Thespian Club Advisor and play director, to get the cast list and other details involving the play. Also in interview, get his take on the play, how is it going? What are any concerns? Is anything about this specific play especially great? Especially bad? What have the challenges been with putting together this production?

Thespian President of 2007/2008 (Leia Young, Marissa Buie, etc.) , quote from president(s) and try to get their impression of the play thus far, whats their impression? Are they the ones that pick out the play that will be performed? If so, how/why did they pick this one?

West Side Story Actor/Lead (either Cara Claflin or Beau Richard, the leads) ask how he/she thinks the play is going, any comments or concerns?

6) Additional information needed is the more detailed cast list, and other significant people in the musical's production to include in the article.

7) I need to get the specific roles and names of the cast, I need to get opinions of everyone that I interview, at least one concern for the play, I need to basically get information that you couldn't find just anywhere, the story needs that to be interesting and not just a whole paper on things that they already know.

8) Photo opportunities would be play practices or depending on the timing of when the story runs, the actual play itself.

9) Photo opportunities could be provided for by Tony Matthes, Thespian Club Advisor/Director.

10) Possible problems in getting the story include; lack of help and support from Tony Matthes, or cooperation from the Thespian Club and/or cast members. Also, the cast members will be especially busy because the musical is being performed right now, so they might be too busy to set up an interview.

11) NONE

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