Sunday, November 11, 2007


MNDOT introduces the initial designs for new I-35W bridge: This article has a couple of initial issues. First of all the title is a bit too long, especially for the cover story. Usually those leading articles have snappy, clever, quick, and to the point title. Another thing is that the story was all about whether people liked or didn't like the new bridge designs, which I don't know if is okay or not, but the title didn't really reflect the angle of it at all. Another potential problem is that it seemed like they were trying to convey the opinions of everyone through a couple of quotes from 3 people, which just seems like they were trying to do some sort of poll. But on a more positive note, the writer did get amazing quotes from people, like Linda Figg. Also the article had a great lede and nut graf, and seemed very well written in general.
Lend a hand this Thanksgiving: Hundreds of Edina citizens rely on food shelves for their meals: First of all this title is WAY too long! They could have easily shortened that and made it somewhat creative. Also right off the bat they were wrong! VEAP doesn't stand for Volunteers Enlisted to Help People, its Volunteers Enlisted to AIDE People!! That is just a careless mistake that seems weird to not be able to catch, the acronym even is repeated FIVE times and obviously is V-E-A-P! And its a front page story, so that one should have been more closely edited, but I guess you can't always catch every mistake every time. That's credibility that's lost there though. A positive thing about this article is that it is even on the front page, to me that is gatekeeping at its best. Another thing is that, reading this article, I still don't understand why churches are done with donations for the season, when it is right before the holidays. The way that the story explains the situation doesn't make enough sense. Also she is missing the most important angle of this article that makes it significant! She doesn't explain how to get involved and help contribute until the very end of the story, which is what makes this story important.
Classes give gender break: First of all the title is perfect, short, comprehensive, very good! Over all this is a great article! No complaints! The idea is very interesting, great timeliness, proximity, etc. Also the lede and nut graf are extremely comprehensive and don't leave the reader with remaining questions. Also the quotes are great! They are insightful and offer additional insight that is very interesting. If there is anything wrong with it I would say that this story should have made it to the second page, not the third. But over all very well written, no mistakes, and very interesting.
The Sensual Confessions of a Teenage Zephyrus Date: I do not understand at all this segment. I don't get why its even there at all except that it was a bad attempt at being funny. This lacks every element except maybe proximity, but I don't even know what it is, it isn't a comic strip, its not a story, its not anything, its not even interesting. Maybe it's just me, but I don't get it at all, why would they document a fake date, why would anyone care? There is no prominence, which is what this story needed, we needed to care who is in this for it to have some kind of substance. This should not have made it to the third page if at all.

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Mr. Hatten said...

Good job overall on your analysis. In your discussion about the class gender article, don't you think it would be appropriate and more ethical to have said where the statistics and analysis came from? Certainly it hurts this story to simply throw out major concepts like girls dominate English class without even speaking to an English teacher or citing a study?